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New licensing deal for Perst

Andy Wigley

In the same week that Windows Phone 7 devices and carriers are announced, McObject have announced an attractive new deal for licensing of their Perst database for use in Windows Phone 7 Silverlight applications. Previously, they had insisted on a per-unit license fee but thankfully they are now only requiring a one off charge of $395 per developer which covers free distribution to any number of phones. Note that the database is still free to use for non-commercial applications. You can read more about this in their press release here.

Perst Contacts List

Well done McObject!

Perst is an object database that comes as full c# source code and which can be used in a wide range of .NET applications on different platforms. For Windows Phone 7 developers, it is particularly attractive as it works great using Isolated Storage as a backing store.

I had come across the database when working with one of my Windows Embedded Compact Edition clients and liked its performance and features, so when Windows Phone 7 came along, I wanted to see if it would port to WP7. It did! You can read more about it in my ealrier posts here and here.

Posted Oct 12 2010, 08:27 AM by Andy Wigley
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