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App Hub updating your application - The [NeutralResourceLanguage] attribute is missing on the entry assembly. (2003)

The App Hub has just undergone a (much needed) facelift. Reporting is much better (there IS some reporting), metadata is retained and loads of other enhancements - check it out.

However, I came to update one of our apps recently, and had a problem. I went through the procedure of uploading the updated XAP file, and after pressing 'Next' I got the error:-

The [NeutralResourceLanguage] attribute is missing on the entry assembly. (2003)

I searched for the error message, saw loads of entries, and then read this from Microsoft:-

"There is currently an issue with the upgraded App Hub that is affecting app submissions. The error codes states: "The [NeutralResourceLanguage] attribute is missing on the entry assembly.(2003)" We apologize for the inconvenience. The fix for this issue is to follow the guidance provided on MSDN to add the NeturalResourceLanguage attribute and upload the updated XAP. We sincerely thank you for your patience. "

A bit more research led me to the MSDN Article How to: Build a Localized Application for Windows Phone. Basically, you need to add a resource file to your application, and then set a default language in the assembly properties 

Posted Aug 13 2011, 05:19 AM by Pete Vickers
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